craft project number 3.

when we bought our home, our two big picture windows that were facing the street were not a pretty sight. they had what used to be cheap, white blinds that were old, dirty, and broken and beginning to yellow. knowing that we were going to replace our windows in the near future, we did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on our dream window treatment; white, wood blinds and expensive lace curtains. as a solution, we found an inexpensive (and very different) way to beautify our windows.

we bought two redi shades, and instead of using the little plastic clips that were provided to allow some natural light in, we picked the length that we liked, hole punched the bottom, and tied them off with twine. we then added inexpensive curtains, which, although were very pretty, were a little long and a little messy looking. in order to get a more tailored look whilst keeping with our natural/modern theme, we made our own curtain tie backs. once again, here are the before and after photos.

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